BMC Trench Cover 500x500mm
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  • BMC Trench Cover 500x500mm
  • BMC Trench Cover 500x500mm
BMC Trench Cover 500x500mmBMC Trench Cover 500x500mm

BMC Trench Cover 500x500mm

  • 3tons
  • composite material
  • good quality
  • Molding press
  • Product description:Tree Grate Size:φ850*30, 840*840*30, 890*890*30, 1000*1000*30, 1200*1200*30, 1400*1400*30, 1300*1300*60Color: Can be customizedMaterial: BMCApplication: Garden, Greenbelts, UptownAdvantage:1.Environme
Trench Cover

Size: 380*680*50, 380*680*40, 200*500*25, 350*500*40, 350*500*30, 500*400*40, 600*400*30, 600*400*40, 500*500*40, 500*500*50

Color: Can be customized

Material: BMC

Loading Capacity: 5tons, 10tons

Application: Sidewalk, uptown, Garden, Underground parking

1.Environmental protection

With raw material non-toxicity, it will not influence to user.

2.Competitive price

The price of composite bmc trench cover is lower than stipulated standard cast iron ones.

3.Light weight

The weight is 1/3 lighter than cast iron ones so that it is convenient to transport, install, rush repair; construct easily and reduce working intensity.

4.Nice appearance

Beautiful appearance and rich colors; the cover is not sprayed in surface but painted in whole material so that the color can keep lasted.


Non-recycle material, anti-theft naturally; the lock attachment can prevent tunnel products from losing, therefore city blackhole can be stopped totally.

6.Low noise

Harsh noise and rebounding free when car roll.

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