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What's resin manhole cover,resin manhole cover is plastic manhole cover?

What's resin Manhole Cover,Resin Manhole Cover is plastic manhole cover?

Today let me introduce the difference between plastic manhole cover and resin manhole cover.

Resin manhole cover is new materials and it is not popular than iron manhole cover. Sometimes many client also want to order this material manhole cover and want to open potential market. And we know that nowadays no recycle material have big trend. To keep environment and safety. We have some confuse about plastic and resin manhole cover!

round manhole cover

Resin manhole cover also called inspection manhole cover. It have 6 load grade:

  1. A15 Green belts, sidewalks, and other areas where motor vehicles are prohibited from entering.
  2. B125 Sidewalks, non-motorized vehicles, car parking lot and underground parking lot.
  3. C250 Residential area, back alleys, only light motor vehicles or small cars driving area, the road on both sides of the curb within 0.5m.
  4. D400 Urban trunk roads, highways, highways and other areas.
  5. E600 Freight stations, docks, airports and other areas.
  6. F900 Airport runway and other areas.

Resin manhole cover is made of glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, belt, felt, yarn, etc.) as a reinforcing additive material, and synthetic resin as a base material, mainly composed of unsaturated polyester resin, filler, initiator, thickening. A new type of manhole cover which is composed of a low-shrinkage additive, a film molding agent, a pigment and a reinforcing material, and then is molded at a high temperature.

The resin manhole cover is used on the road. It has the characteristics of insulation, no noise, no recycling value and natural anti-theft. It is an irreplaceable cast iron manhole cover.

square manhole cover

Use high standard resin manhole cover instead low quality manhole cover. Keep safety and have good life.

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