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The Difference Between Resin Trench Cover and Cast Iron Trench Cover

The difference between resin Trench Cover and cast iron trench cover
Quotation cover quotation analysis Now many second-tier and third-tier cities have begun to expand and rebuild on a large scale. The old city is replaced by a new city, and the suburbs are changing to urban areas This has led to an increase in the demand for various urban construction supplies, such as trench cover panels, so many users are not very clear about the resin trench cover and the cast iron Manhole Cover, so what are the similarities between the two products? What are the similarities and differences?
 Let me introduce you in detail below. In fact, these two products should be said to be the same from the material and his production process, but the role played is not the same. Let us look at it in detail, first of all, from the use The strength of the FRP composite trench cover and the strength of the cast steel are comparable in terms of material and strength. The FRP composite has a higher yield strength with a yield strength of at least 40k, while the cast steel has a yield strength of only 36k. In most municipal applications, such as water, brine, steam, etc., composite corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance exceed cast steel. It should be said that there is no absolute difference in the material and strength of the composite trench cover and the cast iron manhole cover, but the cast iron manhole cover is generally fully enclosed, leaving only a small hole in the rain. There are also some manhole covers that are not even in the small holes. If the composite ditch cover is used, it will generally have a lot of holes in the middle to facilitate the immersion of rainwater. This is his biggest difference.

FRP trench cover
Ditch cover
From the shape of the Resin Manhole Cover is generally divided into round and square, in the urban area of the road, generally round, because the circular groove cover is not easy to tilt, can better protect the safety of pedestrians and vehicles. The use of a circle is mainly due to the fact that the circular groove cover has the same length through each of its centers, so that if the groove cover is rolled up by the passing vehicle, the diameter will be smaller than that of the roll. The wellhead below is slightly wider and the manhole cover does not fall into the wellhead. The cast iron cover is generally rare in shape, generally rectangular, and it is generally used when it is used. It is covered with a long nose on a drain, so it is collectively called Cast iron drain pipe, my words play to facilitate the discharge of rainwater, leading, debris.

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