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The Difference Between High-Strength Composite Resin and Recycled Resin, Polymer Matrix

The difference between high-strength composite resin and recycled resin, polymer matrix
First, the use of raw materials: high-strength composite resin mink with unsaturated resin, glass fiber chopped and filler as raw materials, bearing capacity of 400KN below the commonly used BMC as raw materials, 400KN or more using SMC flakes production. At present, in order to improve the insurance factor, the production enterprises use SMC for production of products above 300KN. Recycled resin composites are made of recycled materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS and fly ash. Polymeric matrix composites are based on polymers and reinforced plastics.
Second, the industry standard bearer level:
1. Composite resin leeches are divided into five grades, namely A15, B125, C250, D400 and E600, that is, the bearing capacity is divided into 15KN, 125KN, 250KN, 400KN and 600KN.
2. Recycled resin composite material The water hammer is divided into two types: light and heavy. The light bearing capacity is below 20KN and the heavy duty is 130KN.
3. Polymer-based composites Water rafts are classified into heavy-duty, general-purpose, and light-weight according to the test load, with a heavy load of 90KN, a general load of 70KN, and a light load of less than 50KN.
Third, physical properties: composite resin products with unsaturated resin as the main raw material, with excellent electrical insulation properties, high mechanical properties (some even exceed metal materials), good heat resistance, flame retardant, corrosion resistant , resistance to pressure, bending, impact and so on. Under high temperature and cold conditions, the product will not be deformed and the physical properties will not change. Polymer-based composites, leeches and recycled resin composites, are easily brittle or softened in high temperature and cold conditions, especially for impact resistance and poor performance.
4. Service life: The service life of composite resin mink is more than 30 years, and the recycled resin and polymer and composite mink are less than 20 years.
V. Scope of application: The composite resin can produce products with a bearing capacity of 600KN or less that meet customer needs, and can basically adapt to the needs of different roads. However, the recycled resin can only meet the load of 130KN or less, and the polymer composite material is at most 90KN, which can only meet the needs of the secondary road.
VI. Citation standards: CJ/T328-2010 for composite resin leeches, CJ/T212-2005 for polymer matrix composites, CJ/T130-2001 for recycled resin composites. The 2001 and 2005 standards are no longer suitable for road conditions in China. And the vehicle's load capacity, its advanced nature and adaptability are not scientific and reasonable in 2010 standards. The test standards of 2001 and 2005 are relatively loose. The bearing capacity of the product is only used in the fuzzy concept, heavy, ordinary and light, and a relative regulation is made on the test load. The 2010 composite resin mink industry standard has clearly defined the bearing capacity.
7. Production cost: Unsaturated resin is a petroleum product with a high market price. The raw materials used in the recycled resin composite materials and the polymer matrix composite materials are recycled materials, and some are chemical downstream products, and the raw materials are relatively inexpensive.
Eight, cost-effective: CJ/T328-2010, GB-23858-2009 industry quality standards to combine the standards of spheroidal graphite cast iron and composite resin leeches, the same technical parameters, unified detection methods, that is, composite resin leeches and spheroidal ink The performance of cast iron is exactly the same, and the advantage over spheroidal cast iron is the anti-theft performance, because the composite resin has no recycling value. Although the performance of the composite resin leeches is exactly the same as that of the ductile iron leeches, the price is relatively low. However, the water-based composite material and the recycled resin composite material have a high water enthalpy.

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