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Difference Between Resin Manhole Cover and Cast Iron Manhole Cover

Difference between resin Manhole Cover and cast iron manhole cover
First on the material
Resin Manhole Cover: belonging to composite materials.
Cast iron manhole cover: belonging to ferrous materials. Stronger than resin.
Molding method
    Resin manhole cover: compression molding. Smoothness is stronger than cast iron.
Cast iron manhole cover: melted molten iron is cast.
Market recognition:
         Resin manhole cover: anti-theft, acid resistant, alkali resistant. Can withstand the wind and the sun. The service life is basically 20-50 years.
         Cast iron manhole cover: easy to be stolen, not resistant to acid and alkali, the normal age of use is 5-10 years.
The manhole cover is light and heavy, and heavy on the road. Generally, the cast iron manhole cover is used. However, some resin manhole covers have also achieved the bearing standard, and the price is relatively cheap compared with cast iron. Like the green belt and the sidewalk, the pressure it needs to bear is not very large. The cost of a cast iron manhole is large. Therefore, the resin manhole cover and the cast iron manhole cover have their own advantages. Which of the two is better depends on the actual use occasion.

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