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BMC Composite Manhole Cover is More Practical

BMC Composite Manhole Cover is More Practical
Recalling the traditional cement manhole cover and cast iron manhole cover, the resin Composite Manhole Cover has always been the main product of China's manhole cover. It has been used for decades and has become a traditional product in the construction industry. Cement concrete manhole covers with steel and steel fibers as the main materials also occupy a certain share in the manhole cover market.
Resin composite manhole cover wants to completely replace the traditional manhole cover technology. There are still many areas for improvement. The first thing to improve is the structural form of BMC composite manhole cover. It is necessary to improve the main strength of the traditional BMC composite manhole cover. The design of the structure: using metal as The frame of the composite manhole cover can be made of crepe steel, flat iron and angle steel as the frame material of the composite manhole cover. A glass fiber reinforced plastic layer that can improve the toughness of the composite manhole cover is used, and a non-metal material is used as the main bearing structure.

composite manhole cover
The new type of manhole cover anti-theft device uses a new anti-theft method proposed by Zhang Ning, a mechanical design expert for the manhole cover. It consists of an anti-theft bolt and a locking wing. The manhole cover has the following main features:
1. Mature production process and easy installation Any size of the manhole cover can be equipped with two holes as required, and the anti-theft device can be equipped. If the manhole cover is newly made, two holes are reserved as required during casting, and the anti-theft device can be installed.
2. High safety and reliability The composite manhole cover equipped with the anti-theft device must be fixed and opened in a few seconds using special tools for personal protection. Its impact resistance, anti-saw, anti-smashing, anti-drilling, and other functions are very strong, no other tools can open it; and has a good anti-freeze, anti-rust, and other functions.
3, a wide range of applications, low cost The device is divided into several specifications according to needs, each can meet more than a dozen specifications. Therefore, the device can adapt to the needs of various different specifications of manhole covers all over the country, and can be interchanged, universal, and standardized.
In summary, the new composite manhole cover anti-theft device is ideally solved for the long-term failure to break through the rust-proof problem, and also solves the integration of the manhole cover and the well ring lock and can transform the existing manhole cover of any specification. problem. Relevant experts believe that if this device can be widely used, it will play a very good role in strengthening urban management, protecting public facilities and people's lives and property.

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