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Does the composite manhole cover pollute the environment?

Does the composite Manhole Cover pollute the environment?

The raw materials of the composite Resin Manhole Cover are: unsaturated resin, glass fiber and filler and then with steel frame. Unsaturated polyester resin is a generic term for a polymer compound having an ester bond and an unsaturated bond (e.g., a double bond) in the main chain. It is obtained by polycondensation of an unsaturated dibasic acid (anhydride), a saturated dibasic acid (anhydride), a glycol or a polyol, and after the polycondensation reaction is completed, a vinyl monomer having a certain viscosity is added to form a liquid having a certain viscosity. Resin. Polymer pyrolysis and combustion products Flue gas contains a large amount of toxic gas components, and the accumulation of these product gases to a certain concentration will cause toxicity to the human body. The unsaturated resin material has the characteristics that the general polymer material is easy to burn, burns violently, burns, and emits toxic gases. The national standard resin manhole cover developed by Bayer has the characteristics of resistance to falling, high load, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and hard steel rust. The load capacity can reach 900KN, and it is not afraid of sulfuric acid and various chemical environments. SMC does not contain steel. With anti-static insulation properties, the product strictly implements national standard production, and the high temperature and low temperature range can reach between -50 degrees Celsius and +150 degrees Celsius. However, resin Composite Manhole Covers have more advantages than traditional cast iron manhole covers and cement manhole covers. Resin composites have greater ductility and economic benefits, and therefore have many advantages:

1. Anti-corrosion: It will not rust because the surface is coated with pure resin. Acid, alkali, corrosion resistant water or dust.

en124 standard manhole cover

2.light weight: weight is 1/3 lighter than the weight of cast iron, easy to transport, installation and maintenance. Buildings have become easier and have reduced the intensity of work.

3, to prevent theft: BMC's manhole cover is non-metallic, non-conducting and non-magnetic, so it has no value of recycling, completely solve the problem of theft.

4. Low noise: When the product is molded at high temperature, the gap between the frame and the cover is small. In addition, when the car rolls over the manhole cover, the noise is also low.

5. Universal temperature use: The composite manhole cover can be used in a wide range of -50 to +150 degrees Celsius.

6.long-term service life: 20-30 years, because of its anti-corrosion, no value recovery and no


7. Practical economy: The cover of BMC is a low-cost one-time investment. Over 30 years of life without maintenance, the overall economic efficiency is much better than using carbon steel It can be seen that the selection of resin

composite manhole cover products is not only non-polluting, but is an ideal substitute product at present, and its safety and effect are far greater than the practicability of other material manhole covers.

Zibo Best Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. kindly reminds everyone: not all manufacturers implement production standards according to national standards. For social and road safety, please do not use non-standard well cover products.

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