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Composite Manhole Cover Processing Technology

Composite Manhole Cover Processing Technology
The following is the precautions for selecting the manhole cover:
Raw material selection and processing technology for production manhole cover:
We all know that the Composite Manhole Cover has high degree of polymerization, high density, good impact resistance and tensile strength, and has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, no pollution, maintenance-free, etc. , the welding process of steel bars, the strength of the press and the quality and service life of the products determined by the mold; many bad merchants do not strictly demand in order to increase the weight and output of the manhole cover in order to increase the weight and output of the manhole cover. The production of solder joints results in insufficient density of the manhole cover product and weak steel bars, which greatly affects the service life of the manhole cover. Such a product can be broken when it is lightly stepped on, let alone any safety.
The BMC (DMC) material is an abbreviation for Bulk (Dough) molding compounds, that is, a bulk molding compound. It is often referred to as unsaturated polyester bulk molding compound in China. The main raw material is a dough-like prepreg which is sufficiently mixed with GF (short-cut glass fiber), UP (unsaturated resin), MD (filler), and various additives. DMC materials were first applied in the former West Germany and the United Kingdom in the 1960s, and then in the United States and Japan in the 1970s and 1980s. Because BMC bulk molding compound has excellent electrical properties, mechanical properties, heat resistance, chemical resistance, and adapt to various molding processes, it can meet the performance requirements of various products, and is widely used in automobile production and railway transportation. , construction accessories, mechanical and electrical products and other fields.
SMC is the abbreviation of Sheet molding compound, namely sheet molding compound. The main raw materials are composed of GF (special yarn), UP (unsaturated resin), low shrinkage additive, MD (filler) and various additives. It first appeared in Europe in the early 1960s, and around 1965, the United States and Japan developed this process. In the late 1980s, China introduced advanced SMC production lines and production processes. SMC composites and their SMC molded products have excellent electrical insulation properties, mechanical properties, thermal stability, and chemical corrosion resistance. Therefore, the application range of SMC products is quite extensive. The current trend is that SMC composites eventually replace BMC materials.
Among the composite materials, fiber reinforced materials are widely used. It is characterized by a small specific gravity, a large specific strength and a specific modulus. For example,carbon fiber and epoxy resin composite materials, the specific strength and specific modulus are several times larger than steel and aluminum alloy, but also have excellent chemical stability, anti-friction wear resistance, self-lubricating, heat resistance, fatigue resistance, resistance Creep, noise reduction, electrical insulation and other properties. The graphite fiber is compounded with a resin to obtain a material having a coefficient of expansion almost equal to zero. Another feature of fiber reinforced materials is the anisotropy, so the fiber arrangement can be designed according to the strength requirements of different parts of the part.Aluminum-based composites reinforced with carbon fiber and silicon carbide fibers maintain sufficient strength and modulus at 500 °C.

composite manhole cover
The composite molding process is flexible, and its structure and performance are highly designable. By using a mold one-shot method to manufacture various members, the structural strength can be improved, and the performance of different parts of the member can be improved by the type of fiber and the design of different arrangements. By adjusting the composition, composition and arrangement of the components of the composite material, the components can be subjected to different forces at different positions, and a composite multifunctional product having the contradictory properties of rigidity, toughness and plasticity can be produced. The corrosion hazard is more obvious when the traditional materials do not have the obvious marine climate. In addition, the stray current corrosion of the subway project greatly reduces the service life of the metal materials. The advantages. In the application technology of composite evacuation platform and cable support, the “designability” of composite performance plays a big role.
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At present, Zibo Best Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. specializing in the integration of R&D, production, processing, operation and sales of composite manhole covers. The company pursues the concept of “integrity management, quality first” and sincerely invites customers to come and purchase.

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