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What're the Features of High Standard Manhole Cover?

What're the Features of High Standard Manhole Cover?

The Composite Manhole Cover can be divided into BMC manhole cover and SMC manhole cover. The SMC manhole cover adopts high standard sheet long glass fiber as the main material. The SMC manhole cover can reach the D400 load level without the reinforcement of steel bars and can be applied to high loads such as gas stations, freight stations, and docks. The area is a heavy-duty manhole cover; the BMC manhole cover is made of agglomerated short glass fiber as the main material, and the BMC manhole cover must use the steel frame to enhance the load dispersion pressure, which is suitable for green belts, sidewalks, non-motor vehicle lanes, small car parking lots, residential areas, etc. The load area is a light manhole cover.

 What are the outstanding features of high-quality composite Resin Manhole Covers?

1. Anti-theft performance, nowadays two large manhole covers on the market, one is a metal cast iron manhole cover, the other is a composite resin manhole cover, the metal manhole cover can not avoid the anti-theft problem, we can often hear a certain The cover of a place is stolen, which leads to traffic accidents. The composite manhole cover can effectively avoid this situation. The composite resin manhole cover material has no recovery value. Even if there is a steel frame inside, the cost of removing the steel bar is very high. There is no need.

2. Environmental protection performance, the material of the resin composite manhole cover is non-toxic and tasteless, and the flame-retardant insulation is anti-static. The cover is closely matched with the base, and there is no noise generated when passing the vehicle, so there is no environmental pollution and noise pollution, which is beneficial to the environment. Maintain human health and personal safety.

3. Anti-corrosion performance is also very comparable, the cast iron manhole cover is easy to corrode and easy to rust and easy to aging, the resin manhole cover is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, high and low-temperature resistance, and can be applied to high acid and high alkali areas.

4. Weight comparison, under the same load conditions, the weight of the resin manhole cover is two-thirds of the cast iron manhole cover, easy to open, convenient to install and maintain.

5. Resin has obvious safety performance, such as compression resistance, bending resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and anti-aging characteristics. Together with the anti-theft features, it constitutes the excellent safety performance of the resin composite manhole cover.

6. The design of the resin composite manhole cover is very strong, and the color, pattern, pattern, plate, size, style, etc. can be designed according to the user's drawings.

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