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Lightweight Composite Materials Making Drainage And Trench Cover Safer

Lightweight Composite Material Making Drainage And Trench Cover Safer

Trench cover and drainage widely used in municipal roads, garden facilities, schools, stadiums and other places. Depending on the application. The trench cover is mainly used in some factories and high-end residential areas. Concrete trench cover is often crushed and the road surface is also damaged. Trench cover have big advantages: high strength and good load bearing capacity.

trench cover

The advantages of trench cover and drainage

1.Perfect appearance:follow the trend.

2.Better drainage:water leakage area is 83.3%, which is more than twice of cast iron.

3.Design of anti-theft:no later recycle  value,anti-theft,safety and easy to open.

4.High strength: load beaering capacity can reach 90tons.

5.Good weatherability:corrosion resistance;acid-alkali resistant.

trench cover

Designed by Zibo Best Energy-Saving Materials Co., Ltd, the lightweight alternatives have an important strength. In fact, due to the lightweight properties of composite material, trench covers are approximately one third of the weight.

Cover size:300mm,400mm,500mm,600mm,700mm,800mm,900mm,1000mm

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