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Specification of Water Grate

Specification of Water Grate

Detailed description of resin composite rainwater tweezers:
Use environment:
Municipal roads, residential quarters, parks, plazas, bathrooms, kitchen canteens, etc. Polymer rainwater tweezers are used for drainage of municipal engineering drainage ditch, residential community drainage ditch, park drainage ditch, square drainage ditch, bathroom drainage ditch, kitchen canteen drainage ditch, parking lot drainage ditch, underground tunnel drainage ditch. Generally installed on both sides of the road, it can be installed in a complete set or in a single side by side.

Product composition and process
It adopts polyester resin, modified polystyrene, organic, inorganic fiber, modified PS and other high-strength materials, and is molded by high temperature and high pressure at one time.
Product advantages:
Anti-theft: no recycling value, natural anti-theft.
Aesthetic: The well cover can be arbitrarily colored according to specific requirements. Harmony with the surrounding environment.

Water grate
Environmental protection: strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, never rust, no pollution, green and environmental protection.
Long service life: This product is guaranteed for 15 years.
The bearing pressure is strong: the pressure of one-time molding under high temperature and high pressure greatly exceeds the traditional Manhole Cover.
No noise: the cover and seat have high precision, and never produce “run, jump, squeak, ring, shift, etc.”.
Product implementation standards: Performance technology has reached the national advanced level, and all performance indicators have passed and exceeded the “People's Republic of China Urban Construction Industry Standards (CJ/T Polymer-based Composite Materials Inspection Water Margin” and “City” promulgated by the State in 2005. The requirements for local standards for the construction of road polymer composites (DB).
The company's main products are high-strength Resin Manhole Cover, tree guard, resin Composite Manhole Cover, resin manhole cover, tree guard, easy-opening inspection manhole cover, lawn manhole cover, water hammer, water meter box, power telecommunications cover, glass steel inspection Wells and other municipal and road supporting facilities. It is a tree manufacturer, a resin manhole cover manufacturer, and a manhole cover manufacturer. Main features of the product: high strength, strong toughness, non-destructive, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, no rust, no aging, pressure resistance, flexural resistance, deformation resistance, non-toxic, harmless, no risk of theft, new materials to innovate The technology, green environmental protection, resource conservation, novel appearance, rich color, can be classified according to needs, coloring, high cost performance and long service life.

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