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Why the Composite Manhole Cover

Why the composite Manhole Cover
Can the Composite Manhole Cover be recycled? This is obviously not acceptable. If the manhole cover can be recycled, it will give some illegal elements to take advantage of. Therefore, the current composite manhole covers are not recyclable.
Manhole cover is indispensable in municipal construction, and the demand for manhole cover is very large. If you can seize the opportunity of municipal construction, it is a huge business opportunity for any company.
It can be seen from the performance comparison that the strength of the composite manhole cover is 30% higher than that of the ordinary concrete manhole cover under the same ratio, and the strength and surface crack resistance are close to that of the cast iron piece. Under the condition that the weight of the component is basically the same, the bearing capacity is close to or Exceeded the cast iron pieces. The most obvious defects of the steel fiber concrete manhole cover are the heavy weight and difficulty in opening, and the phenomenon of chipping in the use process is more serious. The general improvement measures are to increase the edge collapse phenomenon at the edge of the outer cover of the manhole cover. Because the composite manhole cover has low manufacturing cost, low recovery value and anti-theft of theft, it can be used in the residential area and green belt instead of the cast iron manhole cover.
Composite manhole cover is convenient and inconvenient for mass production?
1. It can be flexibly launched according to market conditions and its own financial strength. It can be either simple or large, or it can be simple and then scaled.

composite manhole cover
2. Targeting customer needs and solving problems for decision-making leaders, helping them spend the same amount of money on political achievements and implementing personalized design, that is, designing iconic patterns and colors on the upper surface of the manhole cover to make the manhole cover more humane and human. Culture, enhance taste, more easily accepted by customers, increase product selling points, and improve product competitive advantage.
3. In order to meet the individual needs of customers, we have studied low-cost and fast-response technologies, enabling enterprises to respond to demand at the lowest cost and fastest speed, without increasing the economic burden of users and meeting the individual needs of users in time.
4. It is easy to realize the production of various specifications and special-shaped products. The factory produces the manhole cover series products, which is easy to realize the production of different specifications and different shapes.
5. The structural products such as manhole covers produced by this technology have low cost and high load, so the competition of products is strong.

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