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Resin composite manhole cover have big market

Resin composite Manhole Cover have big market

composite(resin) manhole cover is made of glass fiber and its products (glass cloth, belt, felt, yarn, etc.) as reinforcing material, synthetic resin as base material, mainly composed of unsaturated polyester resin, filler, initiator, thickener, Low shrinkage additive, film molding agent, pigment and reinforcing material.


1. Light weight: Easy to open manhole lid.

2. Good allen key lock.

Manhole cover

3. High strength. the compressive strength is more than double that of C30X, and the impact resistance, vibration, fatigue and fracture performance are better than steel, iron and other materials, and it is used as the manhole cover of bearing structure. The strength and safety conditions are easier to satisfy than the iron manhole cover.

4. Corrosion-resistant, FRP material is naturally corrosion-resistant, used as a manhole cover for corrosive medium environments such as acid, alkali, salt, sewage, etc., with technical and economic competitive advantages.

The Composite Manhole Cover has high precision and corrosion resistance. It's produced by high temperature molding and has good acid, alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, which effectively improve the service life of the Resin Manhole Cover.

Under those good advantage, composite manhole cover receive more and more good feedback and open good market.

Those message from Zibo Best Energy-Saving Materials co., ltd. hot products: round man hole cover 400mm, 500mm, 600mm, 700mm, 800mm and so on; square manhole cover 300x300mm to 1000x1000mm. If you wanna know more about composite manhole cover and resin manhole cover, pls follow this wbsite.

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