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Manhole Cover Standard and Load Level Installation Area

Manhole Cover Standard and Load Level Installation Area
Manhole covers have become an inseparable part of our lives. Common gas well covers, fire manhole covers, communication manhole covers, power manhole covers, street lamp covers, and so on.
According to the new national standard GB/T23858-2009 "Inspection Manhole Cover" is divided into six grades according to the carrying capacity:
The first group: (minimum A15 type): green belts, sidewalks and other areas where motor vehicles are prohibited from entering.
The second group: (minimum B125 type): sidewalks, non-motor vehicles, car parking lots and underground parking lots.
The third group: (minimum selection of C250 type): residential area, back alleys, only light motor vehicles or small cars driving, within 0.5m of curbs on both sides of the road.
The fourth group: (the lowest selection D400 type): urban trunk roads, highways, highways and other areas.
The fifth group: (the lowest selection E600 type): freight station, dock, airport and other areas.
Group 6: (minimum F900 type): Airport runway and other areas.

manhole cover
Manhole cover detection load step:
Before loading, record the initial value of the geometric center position of the manhole cover with a measurement accuracy of 0.1 mm. Loads were applied at a rate of 1 KN/s to 5 KN/s until a 2/3 detection load was reached and then unloaded. This process is repeated 5 times and finally the final value of the geometric center is recorded. The residual deformation value is calculated from the difference between the initial value and the final value after the fifth unloading. The load shall be applied at a rate of 1 KN/s to 5 KN/s until the corresponding test load specified in this standard. The test load shall be maintained for 30 s after application. The inspection of the manhole cover shall be judged as qualified if it does not affect the damage of the functional function. The quality of the manhole cover seriously affects the safety of our daily travel. Although the manhole cover is small, it can be responsible. As a manhole cover manufacturer, we must strictly install the national standard to implement production standards and make a good and safe cover.

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