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How to Control the Quality of Resin Composite Trench Cover

How to control the quality of resin composite Trench Cover
How to control the quality of the trench cover is a very serious problem. Let's take a brief look at what to do if it is done.
1, put the good raw materials off
The inspection of the steel raw materials used in the trench cover is the first step. It determines the forming and performance of the trench cover. Our company has strict quality inspection standards. The quality and raw materials can be selected to ensure the performance and quality of the field frequency. The entry system must be fully qualified for the sand, stone and steel used. Mix the concrete strictly according to the proportion approved by the test engineer. According to the theoretical mix ratio, determine the operation ratio of each material, and make the corresponding measuring tools, the weighing is accurate, the deviation meets the requirements of the specification, and the construction is listed at the same time, indicating the concrete operation ratio, which is convenient for inspection and supervision.
2. Strictly control production and design
According to the production standards of the trench cover, there must be no errors. Continuously introduce domestic advanced production equipment and production technology, improve the quality of existing trench cover products, and strive to develop new products. And according to the needs of the market, a detailed product development process has been developed to ensure the completion of new product development in a relatively short period of time.
3. Do a good job of factory inspection of finished products. After the finished products are finished, there will be professional quality inspectors to carry out quality inspections to check whether the products are standardized. If the products are not qualified, they must be re-produced.
Our company is a manufacturer of Shandong Manhole Covers such as Resin Manhole Cover, polymer resin manhole cover and FRP manhole cover. The following is the precautions for the selection of manhole cover mould: The material of the mandrel cover mould should be carefully watched: the manhole cover mould with large parts and stable shape and shape should be Made of high-performance materials, these mold materials can also be treated with low vacuum surface strengthening. The shape of the manhole cover mold is complex, the precision request is high, the manufacturing cycle is long, and the processing cost of the mold far exceeds the material cost of the mold. The mold should also be made of high-performance materials. Companies adhering to the "sincere solidarity, sincere cooperation, and common development" spirit of enterprise, always adhere to the "quality of life, customers are God" business principles and "unity, hard work, pioneering, enterprising" work attitude, and constantly dedication to high quality and practical Our products provide enthusiasm and thoughtful service to contribute to the creation of a better living and working environment.

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