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What are the Common Sizes of Tree Guards?

What are the common sizes of tree guards?
Tree protection is our common road covering building material. It is used to protect trees, prevent soil erosion, prevent soil looseness, effectively protect trees from being trampled, and integrate with the surrounding environment. The main dimensions are 900/1000/1100/1200/1300/1400/1500mm and so on.
The main role of the tree grating:

Improve the labor efficiency of artificial watering and reduce the labor intensity of workers;
It is conducive to tree growth, easy to artificial irrigation, saving water resources;
the color is diverse, the gloss is bright, the layout is neat, the urban cultural taste and beautifying the urban environment;
Overcoming the problems of city appearance and environmental pollution caused by excavation, with high economic benefits and effectiveness; can make tree pits, tree pools parallel to the sidewalk, to eliminate the unsafe hidden dangers of passers-by when walking, can also pass pedestrians, small vehicles;
saving time and effort, reducing the maintenance cost of trees;
with flame retardant properties, in the high incidence of forest fires, can reduce the occurrence of tree fires.

Protect the roots of trees and reduce water evaporation and soil erosion;

Tree grating

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