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Characteristics of Heavy Duty Resin SMC Manhole Cover

Characteristics of Heavy Duty Resin SMC Manhole Cover
The manhole cover is the most widely used road covering building material on the road at this stage. From the cement manhole cover to the cast iron manhole cover to the current Resin Manhole Cover, the bulk of the cement manhole cover, and the easy to steal of the cast iron manhole cover, what are the characteristics of the resin manhole cover?

Resin manhole cover
Features of heavy polymer resin SMC manhole cover:
(1) Environmental protection: Raw materials are non-toxic and harmless and will not affect users.
(2) Saving mineral resources: saving the application of cast iron.
(3) Longevity: acidity and corrosion resistance, rust prevention, insulation, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, and excellent pressure resistance.
(4) Competitive price: The Composite Manhole Cover is lower than the specified standard cast iron.
(5) Light weight: The weight is 1/3 lighter than cast iron, convenient for transportation, installation, repair, convenient construction, and reduced labor.
(6) Beautiful appearance: long life, rich colors, the cover is not painted on the surface. However, the color of all materials lasts for a long time, and the clean, smooth surface conforms to the aesthetics of the lawn surface.
(7) Anti-theft: no recycling, anti-theft, lock accessories can prevent lost tunnel products, so the city black hole can be completely stopped.
(8) Low noise: Heavy vehicles run over to prevent harsh noise and sway.
(1) Heavy-duty manhole covers are suitable for motor vehicle roads, municipal pipelines, communications, power supply and water supply, etc.
(2) The general-purpose manhole cover is applicable to motor vehicles with less than 10 grades, municipal administration, living community communication, power supply, water supply and other projects.
(3) Light manhole covers are suitable for sidewalks, parks, plazas, green belts, municipal pipelines, etc.

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