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How Long Does the Composite Manhole Cover?

How long does the composite Manhole Cover?
The Composite Manhole Cover is a manhole cover made of various composite materials. Its manufacturing process is very different from that of the cast iron manhole cover. For example, carbon fiber manhole cover, carbon fiber manhole cover is mainly used to improve the strength and load performance of the manhole cover. We generally know that carbon has many states of existence, and its physical properties are also very different due to the different arrangement of atomic structures.
With the GB/T23858-2009 inspection manhole cover standard promulgated by the state in 2009, the new product quality standard has improved the load requirements of the manhole cover and is in line with the internationally accepted EN124 standard. After the implementation of the standard from February 1, 2010, the composite manhole cover was identified as a type of inspection manhole cover, and its characteristics were described: using a polymer as a matrix material, adding a reinforcing material, a filler, etc., and compounding through a certain process. The popularity and application of the inspection manhole cover in the market. The polymer composite cover has the advantages of a lightweight, high strength, good fatigue resistance, good breakage safety, excellent molding process, low noise, no corrosion, acid and alkali resistance, and beautiful appearance. It is an ideal substitute for cast iron manhole cover. Product.

Composite manhole cover
Heavy-duty composite manhole covers, that is, heavy-duty composite manhole covers, can be over-loaded, etc. Of course, even heavy-duty composite manhole covers are only used for slow lane slow lanes, residential passages, and access roads, and rarely used in fast lanes. The strength of the decision is second only to the stone manhole cover. It can carry more than 40 tons of vehicles. Its comprehensive performance is between the Shijing manhole cover and the concrete manhole cover, which is better than concrete; it can be used in applications where the manhole cover technology is required.
Its most outstanding advantage is that it does not use steel frame reinforcement, but is enhanced by glass fiber composite, which belongs to GRC type products. Therefore, it has an unaffected advantage in the current situation of rising steel prices. Because it does not contain a bit of iron, it is more burglar-proof than stone and fiber concrete manhole covers. Its curing speed is several times faster than that of fiber concrete. If it is produced in three shifts, it can be demolded three times in 24 hours. Although the mold dosage is more than that of stone plastic, it is only about 1/6 of the fiber concrete manhole cover. It can reduce mold investment. With an annual output of 10,000 sets of manhole covers, only 10 sets of molds are required. The composite manhole cover is the most ideal and advanced and is incomparable to other molds (such as rubber molds, plastic molds, and glass steel molds). In the continuous improvement and renewal of the composite manhole cover, there is now a manhole cover called “Silicon Plastic Composite Manhole Cover”. The indicators of this manhole cover have exceeded the industry standard of the Ministry of Construction and basically reached the national standard.
Follow these four steps when installing a composite manhole cover:
Prior to installation, the foundation of the manhole cover should be neat and sturdy, and the inner diameter and length and width should be determined according to the size of the manhole cover. When installing the composite manhole cover on the cement pavement, it is necessary to pay attention to the concrete pouring on the masonry of the wellhead and to build a concrete protection ring on the periphery for maintenance for about 10 days. To install a composite manhole cover on asphalt pavement, care should be taken to avoid direct mechanical crushing of the manhole cover and well seat to prevent damage. In order to maintain the beauty of the manhole cover and the clarity of the writing and pattern, it is necessary to pay attention not to soil the manhole cover when pouring asphalt and cement on the road surface.
Therefore, a composite manhole cover product produced according to national standards can be used for more than 30 years under standard installation and use, which is comparable to and replaces the cast iron manhole cover.

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