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The advantages of Composite Trench Cover and Manhole Cover

The Advantages of Composite Trench Cover and Manhole Cover

Today let's us introduce to you:

  • long service life: After hundreds of fatigue impact tests without damage crack.
  • low noise: there is no harsh sound and rebound phenomenon when the car crushed.
  • Reststant to acid and alkali corrosion, no rust, anti-aging.
  • Innovative and environmental protection: New materials are supplemented by innovative technologies, non-toxic and harmless, and environmentally friendly.
  • Design: according to customer's needs
  • Hot sealing: well sealed to effectively prevent the leakage of harmful gases and dirt in the septic tank.
  • Nature anti-theft: completely solve the municipal dysentery that is easy to be lost and stolen in the cast iron manhole cover.
  • High load capacity, high strength, high precision, strong toughness, not easy to break, and exceed the carrying capacity of the ductile iron manhole cover.
  • good safety and toughness, compression resistance, flexural resistance, deformation resistance, steel skeleton will not be smashed as a whole, ensuring safety
  • the art decoration effect is good, the color is rich, can be classified and colored according to the needs, according to the user's needs, the design of the shape pattern, the art is integrated into the product.

composite manhole cover

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