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How is The Water Leakage Effect of the Composite Trench Cover?

How is the water leakage effect of the composite Trench Cover?
There are various types of trench covers. Because of the materials is different, the trench cover is made of metal, wood, plastic, stone, and the latest compound. The plate is made of composite, which is non-gold, non-stone, non-wood, non-plastic, but this plate has occupied half of the market as soon as it enters the market.
Comparison of the performance of composite trench cover with other materials:

1. Compared with metal: FRP trench cover is light in weight, easy to install, saves time and labor, and the strength also reaches the quality of metal trench cover, and the grate type trench cover is still good. Insulators greatly increase their safety performance.

2. Compared with wood: The FRP drain cover is stronger than the wood, and the FRP trench cover does not need to be rotten like a wooden cover, and it needs to be regularly maintained in color.

3. Compared with plastics: FRP trench cover are not inflammable except for the quality of the plastic grate. The fire performance is much higher than plastic cover. Everyone knows that the plastic burns a little. Not only is it difficult to extinguish, but it also breaks down substances that are harmful to the human body.

4. Compared with the stone type: the FRP drain cover has appropriate elasticity, and the stone type trench cover has no elasticity. Once the load exceeds the load, it will directly break, which is a great hidden danger for the safety of use.

Composite trench cover

The resin composite trench cover is used for 20-30 years. The size is designed according to the location, high load-bearing capacity, excellent drainage effect, and unique anti-theft function. The water leakage area is 83.3%, which is the other material cover plate.

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