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What's an Intelligent Manhole Cover and What's the Definition of an Intelligent Manhole Cover?

What's an intelligent Manhole Cover and what's the definition of an intelligent manhole cover?
In today's digital information age, more and more terminal devices rely on big data support and the Internet. Can help people to complete more complex operations in all extreme environmental spaces.
The development of intelligent manhole covers has also arisen in recent years. We all know the difficulty of underground operations, especially gas and pipelines. The environmental requirements inside the good pipes are more severe. Once the leakage occurs, the environment inside the well pipe changes greatly. Man-made inspections will not only be more time-consuming and labor-intensive but will also lead to accidents, such as high-voltage electricity, high temperature, and high pressure, flammable gas, etc.
Nowadays, the intelligent manhole cover management system has implemented the functions of monitoring, alarming and sensing. The intelligent manhole cover management system simply means that the sensor tag is installed on the manhole cover. Once the manhole cover is moved, tilted, dropped, etc., the system automatically recognizes There is an abnormality, and a signal is sent to the background to inform the owner of the repair in time. ”
The staff who are testing the operation of the manhole cover said that the back-end data will also form a data pool to be included in the service center, which will facilitate the later analysis and management. The project integrates advanced technologies such as identification, perception, mobile communication, geographic location information, and big data analysis. It has many advantages such as intelligent, efficient, accurate real-time, and perfect functions. The intelligent manhole cover is based on the cellular narrow-band IoT technology, which has the characteristics of low cost and low power consumption and realizes the safety monitoring of the city manhole cover. The products have business functions such as safety monitoring, remote alarm and on-site disposal, and provide excellent services for the maintenance and management of urban manhole cover facilities.
The traditional manual inspection of the manhole cover is time-consuming and laborious, and the efficiency is low; the underground water level cannot be known during heavy rain; there are no anti-theft measures. The emergence of the urban intelligent manhole cover cloud monitoring system has solved all problems perfectly; the intelligent manhole cover can monitor and alarm the underground water level warning state in real-time, and also some factors affecting the safety condition of the manhole cover, such as overflow alarm and the cover of the manhole. Real-time monitoring to achieve modern manhole cover management requirements of “real-time monitoring, active alarm”.

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