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Why does the SMC Resin Manhole Cover Quickly Occupy the Market?

Why does the SMC resin Manhole Cover quickly occupy the market?
At this stage, there are two types of manhole covers, cast iron manhole covers, and composite Resin Manhole Covers. What are the characteristics of these two types of manhole covers? From the material point of view, the resin manhole cover belongs to the composite synthetic manhole cover, and the cast iron manhole cover belongs to the metal manhole cover. From the point of view of the forming method of the manhole cover, the resin manhole cover is formed by high-temperature molding, the surface is smooth and flat, and the cast iron manhole cover is cast by high temperature melting molten iron. The resin manhole cover is characterized by strong toughness, high bearing capacity, strong pressure resistance, good resistance to damage, strong corrosion-resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, flame retardant and antistatic, and good resilience. The metal manhole cover of cast iron manhole cover has the high bearing capacity and stable quality, but we know that metal is easily corroded, it is easy to be corroded in long-term exposure to humid air, and the security anti-theft measures are poor. Because of high recycling value, it is easy to be Pirates, so the installation and fixed work are more troublesome, require layer-by-layer treatment, and the overall cost is high. The noise problem of the cast iron manhole cover is also difficult to avoid, especially in residential areas, paying more attention to the noise problem of the manhole cover. Small, relatively speaking, people are more willing to accept the resin manhole cover, and then the cast iron manhole cover is easy to generate sparks during installation and maintenance, which is very dangerous for many inflammable and explosive areas, especially gas stations, etc., must use resin Manhole cover.
SMC manhole cover is a kind of high bearing capacity inside the Composite Manhole Cover. It adopts a high-quality SMC sheet and is molded by high-temperature molding under layer fabric. It is characterized by strong toughness, strong resistance to damage and easy to reach 100 tons of load-bearing capacity. High-load areas such as gas stations, freight stations, airport runways, etc., its design is also very strong, whether it is colors, patterns, logos, patterns, etc. can be customized, become the unique manhole cover in everyone's eyes, deeply loved by users We like it. With the development of international trade, the export volume of a manhole cover is also increasing year by year. The export volume of SMC manhole cover is rising linearly. The national standard is good for the manhole cover, so I will find Zibo Bast Energy-Saving Materials Co., Ltd.

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