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The Disadvantages of Cast Iron Manhole Cover

The Disadvantages of Cast Iron Manhole Cover

Can you imagine that when you hang out the street, one manhole lid fractured and nothing products identify the manhole cover is broken and please be careful? It's dangerous for the public who go out and through it

Let us show you the picture:

manhole cover

Yes. This is an iron manhole cover and used a long time and fractured. Even though it is only a bit of hole, we can ignore its dangerous.

Iron manhole cover: Easy to production and we all know that good quality iron manhole cover's price is higher than other products and the quality is also good. But we can ensure that all street, construction, garden, gas station, high way, and so on use good quality manhole cover. Because of its budget is not change.


Corrosion, fracture, can't use in the gas station and telecommunications and other chemicals places.

SMC manhole cover has perfect performance:

Corrosion resistance, high intensity, no second recycle value and widely used in gas station and telecommunications.

SMC manhole cover

Now follow times development, we change the manhole lid: add screw lock and no vent hole. Its can protect the things off well and no water into the well.

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