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China's Current Reform of the Composite Manhole Cover

China's current reform of the Manhole Cover
We basically know the main purpose of the manhole cover, but I don't understand whether the manhole cover has been developed for so many years. Is there a standard? . Is the function of the manhole cover only used for road maintenance? Is it just a piece of fig leaf for urban greening?
Is there a manhole cover in ancient times? Imagine that if the manhole cover appeared in ancient times, it must be a huge thing. In ancient times, there was basically no awareness of the protection of public facilities. Many good people would establish a station in a distant place. It is not obvious that someone will see a pit and use it as a well cover. There was no waterway dredging in ancient times, and there was no water control in the Three Gorges as it is now. At least, from these aspects, the manhole cover will definitely be a product of modern times.
The problem of water accumulation in the city has gradually surfaced. China has experienced many historical periods, and different historical periods have different opinions on the treatment of road water. . But what is certain is that the road water is said to be small and small enough to attract the attention of the government at that time.
Is the manhole cover just a piece of city's fig leaf?? I don't see it. . With the widening of urban roads, the manhole cover has become more and more important from the original role, and it is increasingly indispensable.
The well cover that was eliminated before - the ball-milled cast iron manhole cover is a vivid historical elimination product!! Because it does not conform to the trend of history, it is destined to be eliminated. The manhole cover itself will be made very bulky. Just like all the road facilities in the 1990s, the guardrails are more than one meter high, and all of them are steel casting. Although the maintenance costs of these facilities are reduced, we can hardly destroy them. The equipment of these public roads, but the frequency of car accidents has not decreased, but there is an upward trend. Modern psychological research shows that the more people are bound in an environment, the stronger their desire to break free. . The things we do ourselves are good, but they are counterproductive and cause some inconvenience to the road. The one-meter-high guardrail is often destroyed by cars, and the solid cement signal lights will be destroyed by humans. Even the road lights with high heights will be destroyed. In addition to the quality of people, it is more important that we Because it prevents the occurrence of certain events
Efforts did not work, but increased the effect. The shackles of the manhole cover and the destruction of road equipment are a prime example. In addition to the temptation of interest, there is also the destruction of basic trust in human nature.
And what we can see now is this: the road is getting wider and wider, the guardrail has become a short for primary school students to pass, and the manhole cover has been from the previous cast iron to the new composite material, which is a society. Beyond the progress, more is the mutual trust between people. The way we do things is not only to consider the consequences, but to be humanized. The maintenance of the road has become a matter for everyone. Only by common maintenance can we change. Getting better and better. . The previous barrier broke, like the one-meter-high guardrail, which could have blocked two people on the road for a long time. Now, instead, it has been removed, and the chance of a car accident is less. The investment in urban equipment has increased, and the city has become more and more beautiful.
The manhole cover will also reflect the city's municipal construction wind vane and planning efforts for a long period of time.

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