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How to Protect the Composite Resin Manhole Cover to Avoid Accidents?

How to protect the composite resin Manhole Cover to avoid accidents?
With the rapid development of urban construction, the infrastructure has been continuously improved and more and more equipment pipelines have been buried underground, and the manhole cover has been increasingly valued by more people. Because they are related to the protection of our daily travel, as the demand for manhole covers increases, the requirements for manhole covers are now more and more strict on the market, and the types of products are also increasing. The manhole covers of different sizes, different types and different loads are used. The place is different.
The Composite Manhole Cover is a new type of inspection manhole cover, also called Resin Manhole Cover, polymer manhole cover and so on. It is used in the country to replace the traditional cast iron manhole cover. Compared with the traditional manhole cover, it has the advantages of light weight, high strength, simple molding, low noise of car rolling, good chemical corrosion resistance, good acid and alkali resistance and beautiful appearance. The comprehensive performance and economic benefits of the composite manhole cover have surpassed the traditional cast iron manhole cover. The outstanding feature is that the material itself has no secondary use value and has natural anti-theft effect, thus directly solving the problem of the stolen cover.

composite manhole cover
Although the composite manhole cover has many characteristics, many problems have not been solved for many years, and the weak link in the road construction is the inspection manhole cover of various pipelines. Checking the smooth contact of the manhole cover and the road surface has buried many hidden dangers to the quality of the road engineering. If the road is damaged, the inspection of the manhole cover will be greatly subsided, resulting in a traffic accident. At this stage, the composite manhole cover is a large-scale inspection manhole cover in China. What kind of protection is needed to avoid accidents?
 1. The composite manhole cover needs to pay attention to maintain the appearance of its appearance when it is installed. Under normal circumstances, there will be some patterns and writing on the surface of the composite manhole. It is necessary to maintain the pattern cleaning and the integrity of the writing. When laying, you need to take some measures, such as laying a thin layer of iron on its surface and placing a piece of wood on top of it to prevent the asphalt from affecting its surface.
Second, the brickwork of the manhole cover is also very important, and it is necessary to carry out various sizes of planning according to the corresponding design, and for the protective ring of concrete, maintenance is required for ten days, so that the corresponding standard can be achieved, which is also Users need to pay special attention when using it.
Third, the top of the manhole cover should avoid direct rolling of some large construction machinery, and it needs to be poured into the base after the installation is completed. The purpose of this will also be very convenient for future opening.
Fourth, in order to make the manhole cover more stable after installation, it is necessary to lay the foundation before installation, the foundation should be neat, and the foundation size should be combined with the actual size of the manhole cover, and the length and width of the foundation should meet the requirements.
5. When installing the manhole cover on the concrete floor, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the concrete used on the manhole cover is suitable, and increase the protection ring on the outer ring of the manhole cover. After the fixed work is completed, regular maintenance is required.
When the cement pavement well seat is installed, the C25 concrete cast 20CM thick ring beam is smoothed on the brickwork of the wellhead. It is necessary to keep the well seat square, and the whole flatness should not be loose. After the concrete is cast or the asphalt is laid, it should be Open the manhole cover in time to avoid the mortar or asphalt from pouring the manhole cover and the water hole into the well seat, so as not to affect the opening in the future. And the concrete cover ring with a width of 40CM is cast in the manhole cover (if it is a cement road surface, the concrete protection ring with a width of 20CM can also be cast and strengthened with steel bars). The maintenance period should be more than 10 days.
In order to maintain the appearance of the cover, the surface pattern and the writing are clear, when installing the asphalt pavement, care must be taken to avoid the construction machine directly crushing the manhole cover and the well seat. In the construction of asphalt pavement, apply thin iron cover on the manhole cover or waste engine oil to prevent the asphalt oil from being sprayed on the manhole cover. When cement pavement is applied, cover the well cover with plastic film to prevent the cement mortar from contaminating the surface of the manhole cover. Damage surface pattern, handwriting, or the surface of the manhole cover can be cleaned with water when the construction is completed.
It is recommended to first install a special anti-fall net in the well during the construction of the new road inspection well, and gradually install a fall arrest net for the completed inspection well.

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