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Why Composite Manhole Cover Become the Mainstream of the Times?

Why composite Manhole Cover become the mainstream of the times?
With the development of urban construction, urban-rural integration has become the mainstream, and large and small towns have begun to appear in various parts of the country, which means that the use of manhole covers will increase substantially. The development of urban construction has driven the development of the manhole cover industry. At the same time as the development of the manhole cover industry, urban construction has become more smooth. There are three major manhole covers in China, namely cast iron manhole cover, cement manhole cover and Composite Manhole Cover. The cement manhole cover is too cumbersome and the quality has generally slowly withdrawn from the historical stage, and the remaining cast iron manhole covers and composite manhole covers are still in one or two. Evaluating whether an industrial product has a promising future depends on whether its function is diversified, whether it is widely used, and whether the manhole cover changes with the environment. First of all, the cast iron manhole cover, the cast iron manhole cover is a very traditional manhole cover. Many cast iron manhole covers of the last century are still in normal use, but with the development of the economy, the impurities in the cast iron manhole cover are more and more, the quality is not It is as stable as before, and the cast iron manhole cover material is easily corroded and easily stolen, which is very prone to safety hazards. Resin composite manhole covers are light manhole covers in many people's eyes. Green belts and sidewalks are used more, but they do not know that the manhole toughness of composite SMC sheets is very strong, plus the material is resistant to corrosion and high and low temperature. There is no recycling value, there is natural anti-theft feature, there will be no spark during construction and maintenance, and it becomes one of the special well covers of the gas station. The highest load of the SMC manhole cover can reach F900KN. The above characteristics make the use of composite manhole cover continue to rise.
Next, we will make a comprehensive analysis of the composite manhole cover. The manhole cover is installed on the road and needs to meet the rolling pressure of various vehicles on this road. Then the important index to measure this item is the bearing level of the manhole cover (ie experimental load), experimental load. The accuracy of the wellhead represents the authenticity of the bearing capacity of the manhole cover. No matter what the manhole cover is, it must meet the national standard.
Next we analyze the following points:
Structural analysis: The manhole cover is a stressed structure product, the upper part of the manhole cover is pressed, and the lower part is pulled. According to the designability of the composite material, different composite materials can be designed and used according to the force requirements of different parts of the manhole cover. At the same time, the reasonable structure is designed to make the composite material evenly stressed, so that the bearing capacity of the manhole cover is higher.
From the material analysis: To improve the bearing capacity of the manhole cover, continuous reinforcement fiber is essential, the higher the continuous fiber content (within certain limits), the stronger the bearing capacity of the manhole cover.

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