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What are the Characteristics of FRP Molded Manhole Covers?

What are the characteristics of FRP molded Manhole Covers?
Features of FRP molded inspection manhole cover:
First, theft
The materials used in this product have no recycling value and will not be stolen.
Second, the service life
The product has a large payload, that is, the strength of the cast iron manhole cover, and has strong toughness, insulation corrosion resistance, and impact resistance, and can withstand high temperature 80 ° C, low-temperature resistance -40 ° C.

FRP manhole cover
Third, no impact noise
No harsh noise occurs when a load such as a car is run over the manhole cover.
Fourth, the color is adjustable
The product decoration effect is ideal, and the color can be selected according to the user's needs. The FRP molded manhole cover is obviously an ideal replacement product compared with the cast iron manhole cover.
Molded FRP bearing inspection manhole cover
Diameter by:
The complete set of well cover covers can be customized according to the user's needs, and the load level can be selected according to the application.
Transportation storage and use precautions:
FRP carrying manhole cover, transport and storage are arranged according to the set, not to exceed 15 sets, it is not suitable to stand up to avoid local damage to the protruding part of the well.
The well ring can not be exposed and used, the well cover can not be used locally, and the well cover can be placed in the well circle to achieve the bearing effect.

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