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Beautiful Manhole Cover Around the World

Beautiful Manhole Cover Around the World

Urban culture and urban civilization represent the image of the city. So what impact does a small manhole cover have on our lives? When I was young, the elders would warn us, "You can't step on the manhole cover and see the manhole cover go around." In normal times, the gray-black manhole cover is laid on the ground and hardly attracts people's attention. In most people's impressions, it is really difficult for the manhole cover to have a connection with "culture."

However, in Japan, the manhole cover has become the trend of the times. At the beginning, Japan's urban sewer system was similar to the current situation in China. It was expensive and inconspicuous. In order to make this huge “government project” attract more people's attention and popularity, Yasutake Kameda thought of “letting the surface of the manhole cover”. He is more visual and more eye-catching. Therefore, he encourages cities, towns and villages to develop their own manhole cover designs with local characteristics.

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Among these manhole cover patterns, places of historic interest and scenic beauty are very common. On the one hand, the manhole cover with the scenic spots and historical sites has the function of guiding tourists, on the other hand, it can also maximize local characteristics. In addition to the places of interest and local characteristics, the pattern of the manhole cover is also used to distinguish its role and to define the responsible party. Even in the case of maintenance, even ordinary people can quickly identify.

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How much inspiration can an invisible manhole cover bring us? In the field of cultural creation, Japan has made the value of the manhole cover a derivative, and what methods can be referenced for the emerging IP industry; in the field of the cultural tourism industry, how to create a sense of integration in the details, how to improve through small investment "Features", how to bring into play the value of regional culture; in the field of design, how to integrate traditional features and regional culture into a long-lasting design... In addition, guide the participation of the people, the operation of the fan base, the development of urban culture Can find the answer in the history of the development of the manhole culture.

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It is said that there are currently more than 6,000 manhole covers in Japan, as well as a special manhole cover museum, even! The Manhole Art Festival is held every year. Since the 1980s, every city in Japan has begun to design its own unique manhole cover to showcase its unique local culture to celebrate its uniqueness. In February 2019, Tokyo hosted a nationwide manhole cover exhibition featuring some of the most popular art of manhole cover, attracting many foreign tourists.

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There are so many besutiful manhole cover and win many collector's interest around the world. But we know that the quality of manhole cover is also important for us.

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