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Features of FRP grating sewer cover

Features of FRP grating sewer cover
Specific analysis of raw materials for sewage cover
Sewage drain cover is well known, dirty, smelly, and disgusting. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe use of the sewage gutter cover, we have to be very cautious in the selection of raw materials. How to make the sewer cover effective and safe to use is a big problem.
Since the introduction of a new member in the materials industry, many “older generations” have been laid off, so the FRP grating sewer cover has begun to replace the previous materials.
What are the characteristics of the FRP grating sewer cover?
1. Anti-acid and alkali-proof anti-dirty water: FRP grating can be three-proof, which is obviously improved with other materials.
2. Aesthetics: The FRP grating sewer cover is more novel and beautiful than before.
3. Compressive resistance: The pressure resistance of FRP is comparable to that of cast iron cover, which is well known.

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