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How is the common Composite Manhole Cover Colored?

How is the common composite Manhole Cover colored?

In recent years, with the development of urban construction, the government has increased investment in infrastructure and invested heavily in public facilities. The development of Composite Manhole Covers is advancing by leaps and bounds, whether in residential areas, on roads, in green belts or at gas stations. In other areas, you can see its shadow everywhere. In the past, the color of the manhole cover was mainly black, supplemented by gray. Now the color of the manhole cover is more and more. For example, the green belt cover is green, in order to correspond with the environment; the park uses a pink manhole cover and green manhole cover. People in the park see the combination of such scenery and the mood of the manhole will be more relaxed; the cable well is covered with a yellow manhole, in order to remind the user that the foot is a cable well, pay attention to safety, do not stay on the manhole cover.

Why can a composite manhole cover be colorful?

Sewer cover

Because of the specialty of the composite manhole cover material, the required color paint is added when the manhole cover is mixed, and then molded by high-temperature molding, and the color of the manhole cover is the color desired by the customer.

In addition to the advantages of customizable multi-color, the composite manhole cover has other characteristics?

1. Lightweight: Compared with the equivalent load, the weight is only two-thirds of the cast iron manhole cover, which is convenient for transportation and installation, greatly reduces labor intensity and saves labor.

2, high strength: the use of BMC, SMC composite material production of high-strength composite manhole cover, good pressure resistance, strong toughness, not easily damaged by external pressure.

3. Weather resistance: The polymer material with large molecular weight and strong chemical stability is used as raw material so that the product can be used normally at -50 °C - +150 °C.

4, high precision: Because the product is molded by high temperature, the gap between the cover is small, and the specially designed card slot and sealing strip can ensure good sealing in the well and reduce the noise of passing, overcome the cast iron manhole cover, The shortcomings such as jumping and ringing have improved road capacity and driving comfort.

5. Corrosion resistance: The product has been tested by the National Chemical Building Materials Testing Center and has the ability to resist acid and alkali corrosion. The anti-aging index has reached Grade III and above, and the service life is longer.

6, the word plate, color, the anti-theft pattern can be customized to help users achieve the publicity effect.

7, strong anti-theft performance: the material has no recycling value, with the characteristics of natural anti-theft.

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