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Product Advantages of Resin Tree Protection

Product advantages of resin tree protection
The main body of the tree protection board (tree pool cover) is made up of two or four plates, with a circular tree hole in the middle and a water seepage hole in the periphery.
It is widely used in parks, street green belts and greening trees in various places. The rainwater seepage on the cover surface can keep the roots of the trees loose and absorb nutrients such as water and protect trees from soil erosion.
The tree protection board can follow the characteristics of tree growth. When it is still a sapling, the large hole around the tree protection board can be inserted with wooden sticks to help the seedlings grow in the normal direction. When growing up, reserve larger or smaller trees. Holes, at the same time, can be left with a ground lamp hole, which is convenient for installation and use, and the ground lamp is illuminated upwards to create beautiful and beautiful scenery at night.
The tree guard is installed in the tree pool to protect the roots of the trees, reduce water evaporation, reduce soil erosion and promote the growth of trees. The use of tree protection boards can make tree pits (tree pools) parallel to the sidewalks, reducing the hidden dangers of pedestrians being tripped, and improving the urban cultural taste and beautifying the urban environment.
There are several types of tree guards: cast iron, resin composites (glass reinforced plastic), etc. are common on the market.
Advantages and disadvantages of various material protection tree boards: cast iron material protection tree board is easy to rust, easy to be stolen by illegal elements; resin tree protection board is lighter, convenient for construction, easy to design, size can meet different customer needs, color adjustable .
The popularity of resin tree protection boards is also getting higher and higher, becoming a beautiful landscape of urban green landscape. Increasing the visual sense of enjoyment also enhances the brand effect of the city.

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