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The Position of Glass Fiber in Composite Materials

The position of glass fiber in composite materials
Fiber reinforced materials are the skeleton of composite materials, and the mechanical properties of composite materials depend largely on the properties, content and use state of the reinforcing materials.
Glass fiber reinforced synthetic resin, made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, commonly known as glass steel. In FRP, the glass fiber acts as a skeleton, and the synthetic resin is mainly a binder fiber, which has a common bearing effect. The glass fiber has high tensile strength and elastic modulus. For the commonly used resin, the tensile strength of the glass fiber is about 30 times that of the resin, and is also 50 times; and the elastic modulus is the resin elastic modulus. The amount is about 20 times, and it is also 30 times. Therefore, the tensile strength and stiffness of FRP are mainly determined by glass fibers.

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Glass fiber is the main bearing component in FRP. It not only improves the strength and elastic modulus of the matrix, but also reduces shrinkage, heat distortion temperature and low impact strength. For example, polystyrene plastic, after adding glass fiber, tensile strength can be increased from 60MPa to 100MPa; elastic modulus can be increased from 0.3*104MPa to 0.8*104MPa, polystyrene is thermoplastic, after adding glass fiber reinforced material, heat The deformation temperature can be increased from 85 ° C to 105 ° C; the impact strength at -40 ° C is increased by 10 times; the elongation can be reduced by 1%, the density and water absorption are increased.

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