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High Quality SMC Composite Manhole Cover Dimension Sheet

High Quality SMC Composite Manhole Cover Dimension Sheet

Zibo Best Energy-Saving Materials CO., Ltd is one of high quality SMC Composite Manhole Cover manufacture and exporter. Square manhole cover,round manhole cover,Trench Cover,ditch cover and gratings. Now we have produced SMC/BMC manhole cover,trench cover,grating and drainers.

SMC manhole cover

As shown in the above figure, we designed the locking device and the damping rubber strip on the manhole cover. When the vehicle is over, the cover is not covered, the cover is not covered, and there is no noise. The hole of the manhole cover is designed to prevent rain and other garbage. Entering the equipment that destroys the well, and the Resin Manhole Cover does not have any recycling value, there will be no theft phenomenon, acid and alkali corrosion, anti-static and other characteristics are not satisfied by many traditional cast iron manhole covers, while ensuring road traffic safety Improve driving comfort, so that a practical manhole cover is worth promoting.

SMC means Sheet molding compound,The main raw material is composed of GF(special yarn) UP(unsaturated resin),low shrinkage additive,MD(filler) and various auxiliaries.

The manhole cover produced by SMC material without steel bar but higher strength.

Security — No recycling value, completely solve the problem of stolen

High bearing strength – carrying capacity of more than similar products cast iron manhole cover bearing level, according to BS EN124 standard production, product divides the A15 B125 C250 D400,E600,F900

Environmental protection and energy saving products — no pollutants, production without a large amount of heat in the process of electricity and water

Convenient safety installation — -product light weight, this product is only 1/3 of the weight of cast iron well cover

high quality manhole cover

Composite manhole cover, nature anti-theft. have big market and Manhole covers are manufactured for road construction, natural gas, water supply and drainage, telecommunications and so on.

Because its unique feature win many customer and project interest. Welcome to inquiry high quality manhole cover and other products.

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