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The Emergence of Composite Manhole Covers the wisdom of contemporary people

The emergence of composite Manhole Covers the wisdom of contemporary people
Under the glamorous high-rise buildings, those well covers that are extremely easy to be overlooked on weekdays are actually silently testing the conscience and wisdom of city managers. For urban infrastructure such as manhole cover, can we establish a unified national standard in production, have specifications in terms of materials, thickness, and manufacturing process, and mark the manufacturing or manufacturing like the manhole cover manufactured by the Ministry of Fuel Industry in 1953? Producer department. This will not only facilitate the traceability of responsibility in the event of problems, but also the markers themselves will constitute a city's era memories.
 In the 21st century, the Composite Manhole Cover seems to occupy most of the market. The composite manhole cover is made of polymer composite BMC mass molding compound, and the inner steel bar is supported by the steel frame. After high-temperature molding, the composite material has no recycling value and has active anti-theft characteristics. The manhole cover has a dangerous accident due to theft, and it is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion. It can be used in chemical and alkaline areas such as chemical plants. The anti-static effect is also very obvious. No matter what kind of hit, there will be no spark on the surface of the manhole cover. Produced, this is very suitable for gas stations. The bottom structure of the pot is adopted, and the thick edge of the middle of the well cover is thin, which facilitates the rapid dispersion of the force and enhances the bearing capacity of the well cover. Our new manhole cover is also designed with a locking device that does not cause problems such as capping and jumping cover when passing the car and increases the safety performance of the manhole cover. The manhole cover of the residential area needs noise, and noise pollution is also a kind of pollution. Especially when everyone is resting at noon and in the evening, the noise will affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, we have a damping rubber ring on the manhole cover. Don't be afraid to be quarreled by noise during the break.

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