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SMC Manhole Cover with Special Design

SMC Manhole Cover with Special Design(manhole cover 690mm 750mm 650mm) 



It mainly adopts six different kinds of anti-theft methods: first: iron chain connection method; second: with hinge; third: anti-rotation technique, fourth: the bolt-blocking technique; fifth: the lock key method; sixth: the fork joint linkage



4.fall prevention


The manhole cover directly protrudes into the wellbore, which can solve the problem that the manhole cover is displaced under the rolling of the vehicle.

manhole cover with hinge

Zibo Best Energy Saving Materials co., ltd strictly in accordance with the BS EN124 standard production and mainly based on quality and is exported to different country.

Hot Dimension: round Φ500,Φ600,Φ700,Φ800,Φ900;square:300×300,400×400,500×500,600×600manhole cover

Zibo Best Energy Materials co., ltd has rich experience and unique insights in the fields of art design, technology development and material selection. It is mainly used for covering and covering, and has been repeatedly recognized by customers in the professional field, the new varieties and production techniques of the manhole cover products have been continuously updated to meet the needs of the market and show great vitality.

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