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The Advantages of Anti-theft Composite Manhole Cover

Various colors:
Zibo Best Energy-Saving Materials Co., Ltd: composite Manhole Cover is colorful and diverse, not only limited to cement color, green color, etc., but also can be adjusted according to customer needs.
Personalized design:
According to the user's needs, the product composition design can break through the limitations of the traditional manhole cover in a small range. The customer's company name and large-format logo are embedded in the entire layout of the manhole cover, which highlights the corporate culture and highlights the noble taste.
The company has advanced molding equipment, which can produce different manhole covers with different bearing standards according to different places of use. It is manufactured in strict accordance with European standard EN124, and can produce different specifications such as round Φ500, Φ600, Φ700, Φ800, Φ900; More than 120 kinds of products such as 300x300,400×400, 500×500, 600×600 etc. Various manhole covers such as A/B/C/D/E/F.
At present, the similar composite material cover has a low thickness of the opening hole, usually only 2~3 cm without any reinforcement protection, and the opening hole is easily broken. Generally, 4 to 5 opening holes are broken in 10 well covers. Unique technology, thickness of 6 cm and an enhanced protective layer, completely solve the problem of opening hole breakage, the product has been used for many years, no opening hole damage phenomenon.
The product technical standard exceeds the bearing standards of similar products and ductile iron manhole covers; it is the leading position in the market for other products.

Anti-theft manhole cover
No recycling value, insulation, corrosion resistance:
The main component of the product is composite material. The product has electrical insulation, corrosion resistance and never rusting compared with the cast iron manhole cover. Because it does not contain metal components, it solves the urban trap problem caused by the theft of the manhole cover.

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