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The Height of Manhole Lid

The Height of Manhole Lid

Manhole Cover have big market in different areas. The quality of manhole cover is also important. There are many problems of manhole cover.

Today let's us introduce to you:

A curious three-year-old got the shock of his life after he stepped on a broken manhole cover and fell into a sewer. His father was able to pull his son to safety, and the boy sustained only minor injuries.

SMC manhole cover

From this picture we can see that the manhole lid is thin and about few millimeter. We can imagin that evening time no clear light and no one know under the manhole lid have a person who fell into the sewer, tomorrow morning the person must be have big injured.

In order to save the public's safety, we need to choose high quality manhole cover and trustworthy maufacturer.

Our company produce standard FRP manhole cover and Trench Covers and have more than 12 years experiences. This is the picture of our company manhole cover:

FRP manhole cover

The manhole cover we produced have to accordiance with the standard EN124 and GB/T23858. Yes. many project have financial budget, the price of manhole cover became one of the important reason.

In order to avoid safety problem,we suggest use standard manhole cover and relatives. For our home and for our life.

SMC manhole cover is new materials which have long history. Its unique performance: high strength,resistance to corrosion,durable service life,nature anti-theft and light weight.

If you want to order standard SMC manhole cover,trench cover,gully gratings and other products, please follow our website and welcome to inquriy. whatsapp:+8613793332897

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