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Where is the Difference Between the Manhole Cover?

Where is the Difference Between the Manhole Cover?
The manhole cover is the window on our road, through which you can see the urban piping system hidden underground. According to the type of pipeline, it can be divided into upper and lower water pipelines, electric power pipelines, cable trenches, municipal pipelines, and communication pipelines (telecom, mobile, China Unicom, radio and television, fire protection, rainwater, sewage, etc.) First, the water and sewage pipelines, of which the water pipes (on Water) cannot be shared with other types of pipes, so there is a tap cover on the ground. Sewage can't be shared with other types of pipelines, so there are more sewage well covers on the ground. If there is a rainwater and sewage diversion in the city, there will be a special rainwater manhole cover and sewage manhole cover. If there is central heating in the north, a heating manhole cover will appear on the ground. Then there is the power pipeline. Electricity is generally simple, just a kind of power manhole cover. However, in the vicinity of the transformer room, the power cable trench is generally not used, but the power cable trench is directly built, and the cable Trench Cover is used. The development and use of the above manhole covers not only beautified the environment but also brought convenience to our lives.
 The role of the manhole cover is obvious to all, but the quality of the manhole cover is becoming more and more sloppy. With the development of urban construction, the demand for manhole covers is increasing, and the low-cost manhole cover seems to be a hot sale. For the sake of maximizing their own interests, customers are constantly asking manufacturers to cut prices. Manufacturers are also trying to please customers to reduce costs and produce inferior manhole covers. It is still our people who are hurt in the end. With the occurrence of the manhole cover accident, the state's control over the manhole cover is becoming more and more strict. The load inspection of the manufacturer will be carried out at any time. If it is not qualified, it will be fined. It will also require the manufacturer to mark its own company name and production date on the manhole cover. The problem can be directly found by the manufacturer. The self-monitoring ability of the manufacturer has been improved over time, and the procurement unit has become stricter and stricter on the requirements of the manhole cover. Both of them are required to purchase according to the national standard. I hope that this situation will continue.

Resin manhole cover
The national standard resin manhole cover has many characteristics that we deserve to promote. The special nature of the material - no recycling value, natural anti-theft characteristics; acid and alkali corrosion resistance has to be mentioned, can be applied to chemical plants and other high acidity The area is resistant to high and low temperature, and the manhole cover is originally subjected to high temperature molding, so the high temperature environment will not affect the use of the manhole cover; the resin manhole cover seat produced by the die casting process has a small gap, which reduces the problem of passing noise; It has good resilience, is not easy to be deformed, and is not easy to be brittle. The design is also very strong. It can be designed and processed according to the rationalization suggestions put forward by users, and is deeply loved by users. The SMC manhole cover can reach E600, F900KN, which is an ultra-high load for the airport runway area.

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