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Resin Manhole Cover Technicial Specification,Design Feature

Resin Manhole Cover technical specification, design feature

Manhole cover has become an indispensable part of road construction, Resin Manhole Covers have big market.Today let's us introduce to you:

1. Structural design of resin manhole cover: In addition to the requirements of the machinery and equipment itself and the requirements of mechanical processing technology, the structural design of the resin manhole cover should also meet the requirements of the casting process. It is convenient to manufacture the model, core box and shape;

2, the shape of the resin manhole cover should be simple, so as to facilitate the mold, the casting parting surface should be as flat as possible, and the number is the smallest;

3. The inner cavity stress of the resin manhole cover is not required or less used in casting. When using the core, it should be convenient to support, fix and exhaust sand. If necessary, sufficient process holes should be provided;

4. For the structure of the inner and outer sides of the resin manhole cover and the reinforcing ribs, a certain structural inclination should be provided in the direction of the die-cutting;

5. The boss part on the resin manhole cover should not be too different from the Composite Manhole Cover body. It is best to take the same height. Several bosses on the same side with a relatively close distance are preferably connected to the whole convex part.

1. Technical parameters Test load: heavy duty 400KN, general type 250KN, light type 125KN;

2. Elastic modulus: average value 1000 MPa;

3. Compressive strength: average value 25MPa;

4, acid resistance: the sample is at 20%;

5, bending strength: average 22MPa impact strength: average 10J / m2;

6. Tensile strength: average value 10 MPa;

7. Water absorption rate: 1%;

8. The surface of the sulfuric acid solution was immersed for 48 hours without corrosion, and the mass loss was 1%.

First, long service life After hundreds of fatigue impact tests without any damage crack

Second, low noise, there is no harsh sound and rebound phenomenon when the car is crushed;

Third, tough and firm, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, no rust, anti-aging;

4. Innovative and environmental protection New materials are supplemented by innovative technologies, non-toxic and harmless, and environmentally friendly;

V. Variety of design Can be designed to be personalized and customized according to user needs;

Sixth, good sealing, can be sealed to effectively prevent the leakage of harmful gases and dirt in the septic tank;

Seventh, no loss of recycling and reuse value, completely solve the municipal dysentery that is easy to be lost and stolen in the cast iron manhole cover;

8. High load capacity, high strength, high precision, strong toughness, not easy to break, and exceed the carrying capacity of the ductile iron manhole cover;

Nine, good safety and toughness, compression resistance, flexural resistance, deformation resistance, steel skeleton will not be smashed as a whole, ensuring safe use;

Ten, the art decoration effect is good, the color is rich, can be classified and colored according to the needs, according to the user's needs, the design of the shape pattern, the art is integrated into the product.

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