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Power Special Composite Trench Cover,Cable Cover

Power Special Composite Trench Cover,Cable Cover
The composite molding process is flexible and the structure and performance are highly engineered. By manufacturing various members using a mold one-time method, structural strength can be improved, and the performance of different portions of the members can be improved by the type of fibers and the design of different arrangements. By adjusting the composition, composition and arrangement of the composite components, the components can be subjected to different forces at different locations and can produce composite multifunctional products having the contradictory properties of rigidity, toughness and plasticity. These are the more obvious corrosion hazards of traditional materials without significant marine climate. In addition, the stray current corrosion of the subway project greatly reduces the service life of the metal material.
In the application technology of composite evacuation platforms and cable supports, the "designability" of composite properties plays a large role. The cable Manhole Cover and inspection well are the midway switching points of the power line, which can ensure the stability of each part of the power supply, and can be accurately and quickly judged during maintenance and maintenance. This will quickly increase the efficiency of the work, so that life and industrial power will not be powered off for a long time. This will make the society more progressive and the people's living standards continue to improve. The current city is separate from electricity, the same as the city's blood vessels. If some components stop supplying power, it can cause paralysis.
There are many materials for cable trench cover: steel fiber reinforced concrete, composite resin, recycled resin, polymer matrix composites, etc. Steel fiber is cumbersome, construction or maintenance is inconvenient, but the price is the cheapest. Recycled resin and polymer-based composite materials, cement inorganic composite power cover, poor temperature resistance, brittle winter, easy to expand in summer, yellowstone power cover, poor application effect, short service life, and higher price than steel fiber concrete. Composite resin material, commonly known as BMC: mainly unsaturated resin, glass fiber chopped, filament, plus some filler, cement inorganic composite cobblestone power cover, steel frame, stable product performance, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance Sex, compression resistance, bending resistance, impact resistance, flame retardancy, relatively high price compared to steel fiber reinforced concrete and recycled resin, polymer-based composites, but from the end of life, product performance and other cost-effective.
Grid power cover evacuation platform board Cement material The subway evacuation platform is divided according to its production and manufacturing process: one is the concrete evacuation platform, and the other is the cement-based composite material evacuation platform. The cement-based composite material evacuation platform is composed of a cement-based composite material support pier and a cement-based composite support plate. In the shield part of the steel spring floating plate damping track bed section, in order to reduce the impact of the buttress on the damping effect of the steel spring floating plate damping track bed, the buttress is directly anchored on the tunnel side wall. High-strength bolts, bolts are treated with corresponding anti-corrosion treatment
FRP molded grille is resistant to corrosion by various gases and liquid media such as acid, alkali, organic solvent, salt, etc. It has unparalleled superiority in anti-corrosion field. It is different from the traditional metal mesh, which does not cause electrochemical corrosion and rust under the action of chemical media. Therefore, the structure of the material is not damaged and it is not necessary to perform regular or irregular inspections and maintenance.
1. Unlike wood and other materials, it will be rotten, mildewed, etc. It is an upgraded product of traditional iron, wood, cement and other materials. Depending on the requirements of the actual use, it is economically possible to use a resin such as o-benzene type, meta-benzene type or vinyl type as a base material.

composite trench cover
2. Lightweight and high strength: FRP molded mesh is made up of resin and glass fiber. Its density is small. Compared with steel mesh, the density of FRP grating is only 1/4 of steel, and the 2/3 strength of aluminum is Hard PVC is 10 times stronger than aluminum and reaches the level of ordinary steel. It is lightweight and can greatly reduce the basic support and reduce the material cost of the project. The cutting and installation is simple, no need for hot fires and large lifting equipment, only a small amount of manual and power tools, and the installation cost is greatly reduced.
3. Flame retardancy: the oxygen index of the general FRP molding grid (tested according to GB 8924) is higher than 32 the flame propagation rate (tested according to ASTM E-84) is flame retardant; the flame of high flame retardant vinyl grille The transmission rate is below 10 and is recognized by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). The company's specially designed formula meets the fire protection requirements of the project to ensure safety.
4. Impact resistance and fatigue resistance: The FRP molded grid has high impact strength, allowing repeated bending without permanent deformation. After the metal grating is impacted, it will remain permanently deformed and needs to be repaired. The FRP grille is moderately flexible, making it comfortable for people who work long hours, reducing the urgency of the staff's legs and back, reducing accidents and helping to increase productivity.
5. Non-slip: FRP molded grille has anti-slip function. Molded FRP gratings have two non-slip concave lugs and non-slip sand surfaces. The non-slip sand surface has mold sand and integrated demoulding. After the treatment, the sand was again treated with a binder.

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