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The Role of Cable Cover? How to Choose the Cable Cover Correctly?

The Role of Cable Cover? How to Choose the Cable Cover Correctly?

When cables enter buildings, tunnels, through slabs or walls, or from poles to guide poles, equipment, and places where pedestrians can easily cables (such as cables less than 2 m from the ground) or where mechanical damage is likely to occur, For the laying of direct buried cables, the cables should be dug according to the selected route when laying the buried cables. The shape and width of the cable trenches are required to be as follows: the distance between the cable surface and the ground should not be less than 0.7m. Less than 1m, the cable should be buried under the frozen soil layer. When it cannot be buried deeply, protective measures should be taken to prevent the cable from being mechanically damaged. Finally, the protective plate is laid. The protective board should be adapted to anti-corrosion and anti-static, and can withstand certain pressure according to the environment.
So, what kind of power cover can be more suitable?
The reasons for recommending the Beast FRP composite cover are as follows: it is irreplaceable compared to the cover of other materials:
1. Resin cable cover is resistant to aging and corrosion, and has a long service life.

Resin cable cover
2. Resin cable cover weight is easy to install and maintain. The product uses composite materials with lower density than cast iron materials as raw materials, and the weight is about one-half of that of cast iron and cement products, which is convenient for installation and maintenance.
3, beautiful and generous The product can be classified according to different requirements and coloring and marking.
4, good strength and large size span load carrying capacity.
5, good insulation, no breakdown under 10KV voltage; no electromagnetic, can be used on magnetic sensitive equipment.

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