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What is the role of the locking device of the composite manhole cover?

What is the role of the locking device of the composite Manhole Cover?
Each product will have a gradual improvement process, and it will continue to find its defects, and can better make up for its shortcomings. The manhole cover is a good example. Look at the previous manhole cover and look at the current manhole cover. There is a big improvement. Today, let’s talk about the role of the lock cover of the manhole cover. Every year, traffic accidents occur due to the safety of the manhole cover. Some of them are because the weight of the manhole cover does not reach the standard of the use area. When the vehicle passes, the manhole cover cannot withstand the pressure and breaks, causing the tire to sink, and there is no locking device between the manhole cover and the base. When the vehicle passes through, the manhole cover is crushed out or directly pressed out, causing a traffic accident.
Main features of Composite Manhole Cover:
1. Self-theft: The material has no recycling value and has natural anti-theft characteristics. Even if there is steel reinforcement inside, the cost of taking out the steel bar far exceeds the value of the steel bar itself, and solves the problem of the stolen cast iron manhole cover.
2, anti-skid noise reduction: after the lock device is installed, after the car is crushed, there is no slippage, no harsh noise and anti-interference phenomenon. The cover and the base are tightly fastened, which overcomes the “jump, slap, ringing of the manhole cover when passing the car. , shifting, etc.
3, sealing performance: non-through hole cover hole can prevent garbage from entering the well, but also prevent children from throwing dangerous materials such as firecrackers inside, and then equipped with sealing strip can improve the sealing of the manhole cover and prevent rainwater leakage.

Locking manhole cover
4. Designability:The composite manhole cover can be diversified according to the user's concept, including color, style, plate,logo and so on.
5, bearing performance: according to the national standard can be divided into A15, B125, C250, D400, E600, F900 load level.

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