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Composite Manhole Cover for UK Market

Composite Manhole Cover for UK Market

Composite Manhole Cover, Trench Cover and drainer gratings become many construction and road facility's first choice. The reason why is that ckomposite produce have its own advantages and after many and many customer's feedback, deserve to trust and win customer's interest.

high quality manhole cover

Today let's me introduce you the reason why many customer choose composite products:

As gas stations,the original cast-iron and stainless steel manhole covers are easy to produce sparks, which are dangerous to gas stations.SMC manhole cover suit the standard of gas station,It has the advantages of high strength, high toughness, good corrosion resistance, no static electricity and no spark.

All of our composite manhole covers with SGS tested approved are manufactured according to BS-EN124.

1.Against Theft

This product is made from high strength composite materials and the reinforcing bar by the high

temperature mould,it is non-metallic and valueless,it has no value of recycling,thus completely solve the problems caused by theft.

2.High loading capacity

Its main fiberglass and unsaturated and components. BS EN124 Load grade: A15,B125,C250 D400,E600,F900

3.Free design

Such as color,logo,panel and dimension can be designed according to the requirement of customer.

4.Strongly Safety

This product material is long fiber no sand and reinforce steel support which have strong flexibility,no overall risk of crushing and present falling.

5.High and low temperature resistance

Excellent insulator against heat from -50ºC–150ºC.

6.Long life (Durable service life.) more than 30 years of free maintenance.

7.Sealing rubber gasket: anti-jump,anti-sound,anti-displacement

Composite manhole cover

8.Corrosion-resistant, FRP material is naturally corrosion-resistant, used as a manhole cover for corrosive medium environments such as acid, alkali, salt, sewage, etc., with technical and economic competitive advantages.

9.Light weighted--manhole covers of composite material is 30% lighter than covers of iron, which allows easy transportation and maintenance.

High quality and perfect performance composite manhole cover win many and many customer and UK,USA, Austria and other countries interest and favorite.

Welcome to inquiry high quality composite manhole cover and follow our website.

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