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The Characteristics of FRP Manhole Cover

The Characteristics of FRP Manhole Cover
Gas station cover is a new type of manhole cover developed to solve the defects of corrosion and stealing of steel and iron manhole cover, too heavy and fragile, and to improve its use function and economic and social benefits.
1. Light weight, the weight of the gas station lane cover is only 1/4 of the iron cover, and the project installation and use of the opening and closing is light and flexible.

FRP manhole cover
2. Self-locking function, with self-locking function to prevent the car from jumping off the well seat after passing the car.
3. High strength, the tensile strength of FRP material is equivalent to that of Q235 steel, the compressive strength is more than double that of C30X, and the impact resistance, vibration, fatigue and fracture performance are better than steel, iron and other materials, and it is used as the manhole cover of bearing structure. The strength and safety conditions are easier to satisfy than the iron manhole cover.
4. Anti-theft loss, FRP products have no waste recycling value, and can be used as a manhole cover to avoid the hidden dangers of steel manhole cover being stolen and stolen, thus preventing traffic accidents caused by manholes, car falling in or stuck in the well, reducing the owners. Economic loss and liability for accidents.
5. Corrosion-resistant, FRP material is naturally corrosion-resistant and used as a manhole cover for corrosive medium environments such as acid, alkali, salt and sewage. It has technical and economic competitive advantages.

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