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How Much is the Composite Manhole Cover?

How Much is the Composite Manhole Cover?
The price of Composite Manhole Covers sold on the market is different. What factors are directly related to the raw materials used? How much is the composite manhole cover?
First of all, the raw materials are different. The raw materials currently used are: pe, hdpe, pvc. The price of a composite manhole cover will naturally vary depending on the different characteristics and life of the raw materials.
Second, the production process is different. The common production processes currently on the market are basically: injection molding and rotational molding. The price of composite manhole covers made by different processes varies widely. For example, it is also a four-way dust removal well with the same specifications, models, injection molding or expensive.
The third is the distance traveled. Inspection wells are generally shipped from the factory, local offices and dealers will not pick up the goods, the distance according to the transportation distance will be slightly different in the quotation.
In addition to the above three points, the price of the composite manhole cover is also controlled by the dealer. Therefore, the above factors should be considered in the specific purchase to avoid being deceived.

Composite manhole cover
How much is the composite manhole cover? We know that the composite manhole cover has a certain color. In order to make each person relatively simple in processing, let us explain the following coloring methods. Please read carefully.
1. A method of ion deposited oxide or oxide of a composite manhole cover. This method is more suitable for handling large quantities of products. For example, in our usual watches, many cases and straps are coated with titanium and the color is generally golden yellow. The principle of this method is to vacuum-coat the stainless steel workpiece on the vacuum coating machine because of its high cost. Large investment, not suitable for small batch processing.
2. The high-temperature oxidation method is to keep the workpiece within a certain process range, and then immersed in a specific molten salt, and after a certain chemical reaction, a certain thickness of the oxide film is formed, thereby exhibiting a plurality of different oxide films. colour.
3. The chemical method is to form the color of the film by chemical oxidation in a specific solution, but it is necessary to control the reference telegram to keep the color of the product consistent. “Because the law” is more common.
In addition, there is a method of coloring a composite manhole cover by electrochemical methods, which is popular in commercial applications and has similarities with chemical methods, but due to its high complexity, membranes formed by electrochemical oxidation Color, less industrial applications.
The price of the composite manhole cover, the performance of the composite manhole cover is excellent and durable, and can be seen in our lives. Then, below will expand your knowledge of the water level method. Please understand carefully.
The preparation method of the soaking water is as follows: coating: alcohol: acetone 1:1:1, and after mixing, it is allowed to stand for 6-8 hours, and the mixture is uniformly stirred until no precipitation. The release agent is very important. In order to overcome the difficulty of demolding, a release agent of 2-4 times should be applied, and the formulation is 5-8 parts of polyvinyl alcohol, 32-65 parts of ethanol, and 32-65 parts of water. Spread the glass fiber cloth on the mold, apply the resin on the front, and use a fine cloth on the surface of the cookware to make the surface smooth and beautiful. A coarse cloth can be used for the intermediate layer. There are many kinds of resins used to make composite manhole covers, such as epoxy resins, phenolic resins, polyester resins, silicone resins, acrylic resins, and the like. Epoxy resins and silicone resins are expensive, and less expensive unsaturated polyester resins are useful as materials.

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