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Can We Use FRP Manhole Cover In the Gas Station?

Can We Use FRP Manhole Cover In the Gas Station?

Question: Can we use FRP manhole cover in the gas station?

Answer: Yes. We can use FRP manhole cover in the gas station.

FRP material: Fiber Reinforced Polymer/Plastic

The FRP composite material is a high-performance material formed by mixing a fiber material and a matrix material in a certain ratio. Among them, GFRP has different types of resins, such as polyester glass reinforced plastics, epoxy glass reinforced plastics, and phenolic glass reinforced plastics. Generally, FRP has the characteristics of light and hard, non-conductive, high mechanical strength, less recycling, and corrosion resistance.

FRP manhole cover

FRP manhole cover has perfect performance. 

1. High precision and strength

Strictly by following BS EN124 standard to production and the load rating: A15/B125/C250/D400/E600/F900

2. Against theft

Comparing with cast iron manhole cover, Composite Manhole Cover has zero theft value, which reduces the potential accident and further maintenance cost caused by thieves.


Non-electricity conduction and non-heat conduction, UV resistance.

3. Lightweight

Easy of moving, ease and reduce the maintenance cost.

4. Durable service life.

More than 30 years’ theoretical service life at regular road condition without crack and color fading, comparing to the same grade of cast iron manhole cover.

Anti-corrosion, waterproof, dust, and pets tight, well-sealed prevent poisonous gas from leaking out.

Without displacement, freely radio signal passing.

Higher and lower temperature tolerance with the range -50℃-150℃.

5. Free design

According to customer's requirement.


FRP manhole cover is a good choice in the gas station.

Gas station dimension: round manhole cover(with a hinge or without hinge), square manhole cover

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