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What are the Materials of the Telecom Manhole Cover?

What are the Materials of the Telecom Manhole Cover?

There are many materials for cable Trench Cover: steel fiber reinforced concrete, composite resin, recycled resin, polymer matrix composites, etc. Steel fiber is cumbersome, construction or maintenance is inconvenient, but the price is the cheapest. Recycled resin and polymer matrix composite, cement inorganic composite telecom manhole cover, poor temperature resistance, brittle winter, easy to expand in summer, Yellowstone power cover, poor application effect, short service life, a higher price than steel fiber concrete. Composite resin material, which is commonly referred to as BMC: mainly uses unsaturated resin, glass fiber chopped, filament, plus some filler, cement inorganic composite cobblestone power cover, with steel frame, product performance is stable, High temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, compression resistance, bending resistance, impact resistance, flame retardancy, relatively high price compared to steel fiber reinforced concrete and recycled resin, polymer matrix composites, but from the service life, product performance and other price/performance ratio high.

Telecom manhole cover

Telecom manhole cover Evacuation platform board Cement material The subway evacuation platform is divided according to its production and manufacturing process: one is the concrete evacuation platform, and the other is the cement-based composite material evacuation platform. The cement-based composite material evacuation platform is composed of cement-based composite material support piers with cement-based composite support plates. In the shield section of the steel spring floating plate damping trackbed section, in order to reduce the influence of the buttress on the shock absorption effect of the steel spring floating plate damping track bed, the buttress is directly anchored on the tunnel sidewall with high-strength bolts, and The bolts are treated with corresponding anti-corrosion treatment.

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