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Best New Material-Environmental SMC Power Cover

A new type of environmental protection SMC mould killing cap is a new type of color and high strength cap. It is cast with advanced technology and equipment. It has been inspected by the National Construction Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Heavy cap capacity exceeds 400 KN, which is far beyond the national standard 240KN. Tested by the National Glass Fiber Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, its anti-aging index far exceeds the national standard. The product is usually used under - 40 C to 90 C. The service life is 5 to 10 years longer than that of cast iron repair holes. Its performance index meets and exceeds the international requirements of similar products and is a substitute for various other well caps. Widely used in municipal, pipeline, channel, power supply, water supply and other projects.

RPC Power Cover Die Factory uses new engineering ABS plastics to process by high-temperature processing of injection moulding machines. Mainly applied to the coverage of the State Grid, giving full play to the role of technical support personnel and skilled master studios, joint technology and technical departments, formulating operation standards, operation procedures, operation time, rhythm, operation skills, matters needing attention and quality requirements of each station, solidifying and quantifying these information, and increasing all staff posts. The quality indicators should give full play to the role of performance leverage and guide all employees to pay attention to the quality improvement actions of all employees. In our factory's production practice, we continue to explore energy saving and emission reduction. Through the tireless efforts of the mould, the RPC power coverage of the State Grid has many advantages in the successful development of the cover die, and also occupies a certain position. Position in the industry. This is also one of the projects that investors like very much.

The main material is made of ABS material. The main design of the national grille mould is pebble anti-skid and Longyuan LOGO pattern design. The size details are small, the actual height of the actual cement cover casting is 4 cm, and the width of the inner wall of the strip power cover die is 3.5 cm.

Because of the particularity of the RPC power supply cover mould, the requirement for the raw materials used in the injection moulding process of the plastic cover is also very high. The gap between the glued products made by pouring is between 2 cm, so the precision is very high. In injection moulds, ABS plastics are used as the main raw materials for production, and concave electric cover moulds formed by plastic injection moulding are used, and the requirements of cement product moulding moulds can be realized in the post-casting process.

The speed of China's economic development is obvious. In particular, the pace of urban infrastructure development is even more alarming. According to the state's investment and support for public facilities, even various types of building materials are endless. With the acceleration of urban transformation, many cables, wires and optical cables have changed from ground to underground, which also represents the growing demand for composite cable Trench Covers.

Composite Power Cover Products Produced by Best

Composite Power Cover Products Produced by Best

Composite cable trench cover is very suitable for basic auxiliary equipment of urban cable. Inorganic covers and previous cable groove covers are made of cast iron or cement. Not only is the cable very heavy. Moreover, the service life is not long and must be replaced after a period of time.

With the development of technology, the old cast iron or cement cable trench cover has been covered by the new composite cable trench cover. This is based on the specific environmental characteristics of use. With the development and development of new crime composite materials, this material completely overcomes many problems of old-fashioned other cover plates, not only has strong fire resistance, but also is very beautiful, and its service life has been greatly improved.

Some people may think that old cast iron caps are also good. Cast iron caps also have a long life. At most, with the increase of service time, it will cause some rust problems. There is no need to use this new composite cable. No trench cover is allowed. Yes, yes, the life of cast iron caps is not short, but iron caps can be sold to scrap iron recycling shops to make money, which is why there are often many cast iron caps on the road. As a result of.

However, if a new type of groove cover of composite cable is used, this problem will not arise. The new model will not be recycled or used twice. It can be said that theft may occur.

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