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What are The Advantages of The Resin Composite Manhole Cover?

What are The Advantages of The Resin Composite Manhole Cover?
The resin Composite Manhole Cover is made of a polymer composite material without any recovery value. After the Resin Manhole Cover is promoted and used, the problem of stealing the manhole cover and causing urban black holes will be solved. Different from the manhole cover on the market, it is manufactured by high temperature and high pressure of the hydraulic press and has high impact strength.
The resin composite type manhole cover is made of glass fiber and resin as basic material and is made of a curing agent, a promoter, and the like as an auxiliary material. It weighs two-thirds lighter than a cast iron manhole cover and has a service life of more than 20 years, which is twice that of a cast iron manhole cover, and the price is only 80% of the cast iron manhole cover. At the same time, the manhole cover is also insulated and noise-free. The Chifeng City Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute carried out load and impact strength tests on the manhole cover and found that the load capacity and impact strength of the manhole cover exceeded the ordinary manhole cover.

resin manhole cover
With the rapid development of urban and rural construction, the demand for manhole covers for new residential areas and roads has increased sharply. The cost of traditional cast iron manhole covers is high, and theft is serious. Pedestrians are injured and vehicles are damaged. Weifang resin manhole covers, It has always been a problem that has plagued various construction departments. The FRP composite manhole cover mainly uses unsaturated resin as the main chemical raw material, Dongying resin manhole cover, which is compounded and modified by various materials. After molding, not only high strength, Yantai resin manhole cover, beautiful appearance, and good electrical insulation performance, waterproof and resistant It is an ideal substitute for aging, acid and alkali resistance, high strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, not afraid of the sun, rain, antistatic, anti-theft, etc.
1. High strength: The resin composite inspection manhole cover has high strength against bending, bending, and impact, and has toughness. After long-term use, the product will not be crushed and damaged, which can completely eliminate the "black hole" accident.
2. the appearance of beauty: resin composite inspection manhole cover surface design is beautiful, the color is bright and adjustable, beautify the urban environment.
3. easy to use, lightweight: the weight of the product is only about one-third of the cast iron, easy to transport, installation, repair, greatly reducing the labor intensity.
4. Anti-theft: Resin composite inspection manhole cover has no recovery value, natural anti-theft; according to customer needs and has a locking structure to realize the security of the property in the well.
5. Strong weather resistance: The resin composite inspection manhole cover can be used normally in the environment of -50 °C ~ +300 °C through scientific formula, advanced technology, and perfect technical equipment.
6. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, resistance to vehicle rolling, long service life.

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