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Gas Station Use Inner Cap Composite Manhole Cover

Gas Station Use Inner Cap Composite Manhole Cover

Inner cap Composite Manhole Cover of gas station is mainly used in special areas such as gas filling station, gas station, oil depot, oil depot and so on. The unique design of well cover sealing ring makes the well cover of gas station have very good anti-seepage effect. The well cover takes anti-static material as carrier, which can effectively prevent static electricity, avoid potential safety hazards and is safe and durable.

So why some gas stations use inner cap composite manhole cover?

1. Improve the sealing performance of the manhole cover prevent rainwater leakage.

2. Protect the safety and environmental hygiene of equipment in wells and prevent rubbish, rainwater, sediment and damage of equipment into wells.

3.Gas station belongs to high load area, and the bearing capacity of composite well cap can reach 80-100 tons.

4. the manhole cover must have anti-static, which is also one of the necessary conditions for installation in the gas station.

5. the material has no recycling value, has the characteristics of natural theft-proof, and will not attract the attention of thieves.

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